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New Concept English 4
Lesson Number of words in lesson
A man-made disease 23
Adolescence 15
Are there strangers in space? 13
Banks and their customers 13
Bats 14
Beauty 11
Bird flight 14
Education 17
Exploring the sea-floor 14
Finding fossil man 12
Galileo reborn 12
Hobbies 27
How to grow old 14
Knowledge and progress 15
Matterhorn man 18
Non-auditory effects of noise 16
Of men and galaxies 12
Patients and doctors 12
Patterns of culture 23
Planning share portfolio 16
Porpoises 22
Recording an earthquake 15
Royal espionge 27
Secrecy in industry 7
Seeing hands 8
Sillcon valley 22
Snake poison 22
Space odyssey 11
Spare that spider 4
The "Vasa" 28
The Butterfly Effect 18
The cost of government 13
The great escape 29
The hovercraft 9
The modern city 18
The past life of earth 13
The process of ageing 14
The sculptor speaks 13
The search for oil 13
The sporting spirit 14
The stuff of dreams 14
Trading standards 12
Training elephants 25
Water and the traveller 14
Waves 19
What every writer wants 16
William S. hart and the early 'Western' film 20
Youth 16

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